Set with 2 red enameled Pehtoori coffee pots by Antti Nurmesniemi for Arabia, Finland 1957

  • 220.00

Designer(s): Antti Nurmesniemi

Manufacturer: Arabia

Model: Iso Pehtoori, Pikku Pehtoori

Period: 1950-1959

Condition: Very good

Quantity: 1

Material(s): enamel

Measurements (cm): H 19; W 22; D 14.5

This lovely set with 2 red enameled coffee pots, model Iso Pehtoori (big) and Pikku Pehtoori (small), was designed by Antti Nurmesniemi for Arabia in Finland in 1957. The big pot is in excellent condition, filter included. The small pot is in a good condition with some signs of age and use. Measurements: Iso Pehtoori: H 19 cm, W 22 cm, D 14.5 cm Pikku Pehtoori: H 16 cm, W 19 cm, D 10,2 cm