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    Set of three sidetables in the manner of Mathieu Mategot, 1950’s.

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    Model: mimiset / sidetables

    Period: 1950-1959

    Condition: Good

    Quantity: 1

    Material(s): Rod steel, rattan webbing

    Measurements (cm): H 44; W 36; D 36

    Lovely and rare set of three modernist sidetables made from rod steel with a rattan webbing. The tables do show similarities to the designs of Mathieu Mategot. This as for in the design, as well as in the use of materials. The constructions of all three are very solid. The rattan is in a used condition and does show smaller and larger damages. Nevertheless the design and the originality really makes this set a one of a kind and very special. We can have the rattan replaced for a newer rattan if wished for, ask us for the possibilities and prices for this.