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    Small ‘Skyflyer’ pendant by Yki Nummi

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    Designer(s): Yki Nummi

    Model: Skyflyer / Lokki

    Period: 1960-1969

    Condition: Very good

    Quantity: 1

    Material(s): Acryllics, Metal

    Measurements (cm): H 28; W 50; D 50

    The 'Skyflyer' is designed by Yki Nummi in 1960. Yki Nummi was famous for his early use of acrylics in his designs. The 'Skyflyer' is available in two sizes, 70cm in Ø and 50cm in Ø. Today the 'Skyflyer' has made a great comeback and is used by G-Star to lighten their brand shops. This particular one is of an older production. This lamp is also known as 'Lokki'.