‘EB02’ desk by Cees Braakman for Pastoe

  • 1150.00

Designer(s): Cees Braakman

Manufacturer: Pastoe

Model: EB02

Period: 1950-1959

Condition: Good

Quantity: 1

Material(s): Birch veneer, Plywood

Measurements (cm): H 75; W 120; D 62

This desk is a design by Cees Braakman for Pastoe. A true lovely desk with charming scissor like legs. The desk carries two drawers with the typical 'anti dust' drawers with the bended plywood. The back of the desk gives room to store books as a little bookshelf has  been integrated. The desk was painted when we purchased it and we have had this paint removed. The veneer of the top has been damaged in the past, probably by sanding it to much. We have put a new lacquer on the top, so this spot is vissible, but also smooth again. We can provide new birch veneer on the top, but we have left it like this as this desk is over 60 years and has some history.