Unique chandelier of 6 glass chalices. 1950’s

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Designer(s): Unknown

Manufacturer: Unknown

Model: Unknown

Period: 1950-1959

Condition: Very good

Quantity: 1

Material(s): Metal, glass, plastic

Very little we know about this unique piece of lighting. We have acquired this light from the cousin of the first owner. As the story is told, the lady bought this lamp in a very exclusive store in the 'Kalverstraat' in Amsterdam. In the 1950's this shopping street was famous for its exclusive and high end shops. The six chalices are in a very good condition with some very very small loss of chips to the edges of the three tubular chalices. The three round chalices are hung to some unique 'microphone-like' fixtures. The metal 'divider' in the middle works as a spacer between all chalices. This divider hangs loose in the middle and is held in place by the weight of chalices and the wiring. Each metal part of this divider holds a plastic arm with a fork that holds the wire in place. A very special piece of lighting.