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    2 green glass bowls and a bowl plate from the Palet range of Holmegaard by Michael Bang

    • 275.00

    Designer(s): Michael Bang

    Manufacturer: Kastrup-Holmegaard

    Model: Palet

    Period: 1970-1979

    Condition: Very good

    Quantity: 1

    Material(s): Glass

    Measurements (cm): H 7.5; W 27.5; D 27.5

    Very nice set with a small medium and a larger medium green glass bowl and a bowl plate from Kastrup-Holmegaard, designed by Michael Bang. In excellent condition with no defects. The bowls are unmarked, but we do have one original Holmegaard sticker of the plate, as it went off throughout time. Measurements: Small bowl: Ø 12.5, H 7.5 Medium bowl:  Ø 16, H 9.5 Bowl plate: Ø 27.5, H 4.4