Set of 2 felt designer chairs on wheels by Merkx+Girod, The Netherlands 2003

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Designer(s): Merkx+Girod

Period: 2000-2009

Condition: Very good

Quantity: 1

Material(s): felt, metal, wood

Measurements (cm): H 85; W 49; D 72

These very good looking chairs were designed by Merx+Girod in The Netherlands. Merkx+Girod became Merk X in 2013. Evelyne Merkx focuses on (interior) architecture and textile and furniture design. These chairs are made of high quality felt fabric. The green accents give a fresh and playful touch. Beacuse the wheels at the front the chairs are easy to move. Initially this chair was designed for an exhibition. This set is in a perfect condition and a beautiful eyecatcher in your room! Seat height: 46,5 cm.