‘Dubbelvaas’ by Atelier Willem Noyons

  • 119.00

Designer(s): Willem Noyons

Manufacturer: Ajeto Glassworks

Model: Dubbelvaas (double vase)

Period: 1990-1999

Condition: Excellent

Quantity: 2

Material(s): Glass

The 'Dubbelvaas is a design from 1993 by Willem Noyons, a Dutch (graphical and dimensional) designer. The Dubbelvaas was originally designed as a Christmas gift for the emplpoyees of the Academic Hospital in Utrecht. But since than it has also been taken into the collection of the MoMa in New York. The Dubbelvaas is actually three vases in one and can be used for different flower arrangements. We have one available in clear blue glass and one in red colored glass (not red glass). Both have a sticker from Atelier Willem Noyons. Red vase: Ø of 13cm with a height of 29cm. Blue vase: Ø 14cm with a height of 33cm. Price per vase.